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Finally back on the bike in 2014! 32.5 miles @16.5mph so quite pleased but tired! First training ride of the year in readiness to support those of you that are coming on the Pedal The Pyrenees 2014.

Let me know how your training or day is going.

The Captain…



8 Responses to What are you doing today?

  • So another training ride this morning – somewhere between 30 and 40 miles. Then it's the dreaded B&Q!….. I hate DIY with a passion…. leaking tap to fix and new fence to sort out.

  • My Garmin says 33.4 miles @ 16.9mph. What a difference a windless day makes!

    Sadly for me the bike's away for the weekend as I now chase my 3 kids around for 2 days.


    The Captain……


  • Grrr….. got to take the cross-bike into Evans today to get bottom bracket serviced so no training. Definitely out tomorrow come rain or shine on the road bike.

  • First post virus turbo session done tonight. Light tempo session for 40 minutes was the order of the day. Feeling pretty good after it.

    Time for bed in a minute…….

  • Not training today 

    Cross-bike is stuck in Evans waiting for a new bottom bracket. Could take 5-10 working days to get the parts delivered!

    What's wrong with the world these days? The supply chain seems to have moved backwards as everything else moves forward 

  • Rain and snow today but still did 20 very wet miles on the cross-bike. Good to get outdoors and I'll remember today when I'm in the Pyrenees in September.

  • 25 miles on quite dry towpaths today. Came off trying to avoid a dog on some mud. Bashed the side of my knee on the top of a small wall (I'll live). River Trent is well up but nowhere near as bad as last year.

  • Turbo session done this morning used my Sufferfest DVD completely battered by the end. I keep focussing on that week in Sept to make the pain worth it.

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