7 days 710km 13,750m

14th Sept - 22nd Sept 2024

About Us

So let’s get it out in the open then.

We are all very, very passionate about cycling…… Le Tour, Giro, La Vuelta, cyclecross, BMX, track, road….. you name it, we love it!

Some of us are very passionate about triathlon and multi-sports, some of us love skiing. We all love the mountains that’s for sure…… we even like training (honest)!

The inspiration for Pedal The Pyrenees comes from our passions and our desire that if we are going to do something then we need to do it right.

The Pedal The Pyrenees Team have already ridden or supported the ride in the past. We are cyclists, ironman triathletes, event support specialists, drivers, sports masseurs….. but above all we are people just like you that want to achieve something out of the ordinary. We want to delve into the history of the mountains, the riders, the agony, the ecstacy, the legends.

With the support of our partners you’ll have everything you need to ensure that all you have to do is ride and admire the views! 

Our passions don’t just extend to cycling, we also have a deep passion for helping to find a cure for brain tumours. In fact our passion runs that deeply that we are donating 100% of our profits from Pedal The Pyrenees directly to our Charity Partner – Headcase Cancer Trust. 

So if you join us to Pedal The Pyrenees then you’ll be directly helping to find a cure for an incurable disease and for that alone you can call yourself a Légende!