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Never show it you're scared, but do show it some respect.

The last 4km are really tough but worth it. Is it the hardest climb of the week? It was for me last year and I'm looking forward to the challenge again this year.

Definitely 1-0 to the mountain but can The Captain equalize?

3 Responses to The Col de Marie-Blanque

  • It maybe that you need to change your training routine to enlarge your calves some more. May help you never know!!

  • Brilliiant to be part of the support crew in 2012 and excellent to see how much enjoyment that the riders got out of what was a tremendous challenge.  Some of the sights during the week were something else.  Good luck to all in 2013 !

  • Just in from 47 mile training ride. Nice and easy, just a light breeze for a change! I thought about Marie on the way. I just hope it's not as hot as last year.

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